Advertising banners from €150/month – is the only ad site that brings together users from four European countries: Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Hungary and Austria.

Audience Interests

What are the users of our site selling?

25,000 monthly unique users

370,000 page views per month

500,000 backlinks to you site

  • Our users sell and buy real estate and cars, household goods, clothing and accessories, electronics and household appliances, pets and baby products.
  • Also helps you find jobs and employees, craftsmen from various service areas and business solutions.
  • We know the interests of our users and will help you to fine-tune advertising on the optimal audience.
  • For the convenience of users, the site is equipped with built-in automatic translation of ads into 5 languages.

Targeting ads on allows the following parameters to be taken into account:


Set up ads for people in the country, region, city, or neighborhood. Reach people in locations where your business operates or where you can deliver goods.

Demographics by language

Your advertisement will be seen by potential customers who speak Czech, Slovak, German or Hungarian, or several languages at once. Attract customers who speak the same language as you!

Ad categories

We will show your ads to users interested in, for example, real estate or children’s products. Introduce your products or services to a maximum interested audience.

Media formats

Static banners

A static banner is an image of a set size. When a user clicks on the image, he is taken to the landing page of your site or social network.

Adaptive banners

Adaptive Banner is a native advertising format that allows you to show users information that precisely matches their interests. Animated banners created in HTML are adapted for all browsers, mobile applications, and devices.

Adaptive banners are displayed correctly on the screens of PCs and portable devices, and a variety of applications can be easily integrated into the ad units: social network buttons, maps, etc.

Banner positions

Additional features

  • Priority banner display. We turn off the adsense traffic and display your banner only. This option is only available if the space is not occupied by other clients. + 20%
  • You can prefer ordering over a specific number of days (min.five), not over a full month. Then, the cost is calculated by the number of days.

Frequently asked questions

  • Is it possible to order the production of a banner?
  • We make a banner at the discretion of the creative team, taking into account the wishes of the client only in the actual information part (the essence of the action, details, corporate colors).
  • What program can I use to make an adaptive banner?
  • You can create an adaptive banner in the program
  • What format should a static banner be in?
  • Graphic image in PNG or JPEG format.